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Rosario Capital is a leading investment banking firm in Israel, providing underwriting and offering services, mergers and acquisitions consulting and financial product distribution

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Rosario Capital is the sole representative of Oaklins in Israel, the world’s most experienced mid-market M&A advisor, with over 850 professionals globally and dedicated industry teams in more than 45 countries. We have closed 1,700 transactions in the past five years

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Rosario Capital is the official underwriting arm of Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, the highest growth bank in Israel for the past 12 years. In 2010, the bank's management elected to partner with Rosario Capital and as such will lead the of the bank's capital raising. Over the past decade, Mizrahi Tefahot has become one of the leading capital raising players in Israel, amounting to NIS billions of transactions led by Rosario Capital.

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Our Services


Consulting, underwriting and managing capital raising for the largest entities in Israel through a variety of means, from public offerings to financial instruments. Rosario is one of the leading companies in the underwriting field in Israel

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Professional support and consulting and sector customization for shareholders and companies in sales or acquisition processes, from strategy definition and needs, through finding prospective goals or purchasers to completion of the transaction.

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Leverage the research and knowledge gained in the company to market and distribute financial products of the world's largest banks for institutional and corporate clients of various sizes.

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Rosario Research & Consulting

Rosario Capital Research, led by Eran Jacoby, is a cornerstone of the value we give our clients. The department consists of analysts with rich experience in the capital market and regularly publishes research papers, periodic summaries and daily updates

The Rosario Way


We believe that thorough research is the foundation for a true connection to the market and take pride in the best research company in the market.Research is the driving force behind Rosario and invested in many resources with a commitment to exceptional thinking

02Professional Integrity

Rosario believes in delivering an accurate image to the customer that will allow us to set the best target for the customer and achieve it


In the world of casual customers and specific projects, we emphasize the creation of long-standing relationships based on familiarity and partnership with the client as a way to ensure maximum results time after time


Ruben Eblagon, Founder & Chairman With over twenty years of experience in underwriting and investment and with extensive professional experience and knowledge as an accountant, leads Rosario Capital to continuous growth in all areas of its operations.
Lior Pais, CEO Has been active in the Israeli capital market for more than 15 years and has extensive knowledge of the entire field of the Israeli capital market, with an emphasis on expertise in underwriting, public and private offerings
Eran Jacoby, CEO Resaearch & Consulting Has 15 years of experience as a communications and technology analyst. Guides and advises telecommunications and technology companies at every stage of the company's life cycle
Tamar Cohen, Adv, VP, Corporate Legal Counsel For the past 17 years, she has been engaged in legal consulting and investment. Previously, she served as CEO of a venture capital fund for technology companies
Orit Zrihen, VP Commercial Papers Graduate of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University. And law graduate, Bar Ilan University. For the past 15 years, she has specialized in commercial securities offerings for leading companies
Boaz Levi, Director of M&A Mr. Levi has 19 years of experience in capital markets and corporate financial advisory, and prior to joining Rosario Capital served as senior VP at Clal Finance Underwriting.
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